(Re: photo of Adiran) Whut she doing trying to give a giraffe a blowjob, the buckaroo barbies with their fake lips fake lashes fake everything, cracks us up down here, those fancy pantsy wannabe bitches need to go to work at a cathouse,  go pro and get a pimp or get a life but don't go comin on my ranch or you'll get tossed into the bullpen or with the buck goats. Keep roastin' em Green King we live for this shit in TX ... DH in TX

Left: Note the spotless, triple colored, double fringed garish fagmitas...uh, we mean "charmitas"  - that the wannabe checking on her smartphone is wearing. She's probably wondering when she'll get a text from her meth dealer or the latest sale at fellow leppy posers and wannaroos, "Buckaroo Businesses" (because remember dear readers, all that's required anymore to call yourself a "buckaroo" is having had worked at/fired from ONE and ONLY one outfit)... Further observe if you will, the dink sucking down Coors beer.... This is today's "buckaroo" doing what they do best: absolutely nothing.

"....pickled up on girly juice, " huh!!, HEY SQUARE HEAD!  If you make it a point to notice drinks on a bar remember this where girly juice is girlys are too. Now if you would rather get laid by men drinking manly drinks fine by me. Each to his own says I. For me however I like to get laid by women and if a woman wants to drink girly juice so will fall in lust with me I'll buy'em for her all night long.

$200 a month and $250 for riding the rough string. Nobody talked to the kid in the outfit. Back then you better be tough or get to irrigating 

---Rick Driggers

GAG US ON BANANA YELLOW CHINKS AND TURQUOISE HORNWRAP: "Buckaroos like flashy colors..." Per Jolyn Young in a recent RANGE article (and RANGE just lost what was left of their credibility printing such trash...shame on them.) Maybe fake 'roos like drugstore diva Joylyn do the lime green chinks but the real deal prefers to be more sedate and eschews such foppery. Below, hack, hick and hopeless wannabe 'writer' and self-described "desolate housewife" Jolyn Young. Aside from being dumber than a box of pet rocks, she will be best remembered for her Owyhee forelock wearing dink of a drunkard cowboy husband and her inability to spell the word, ROSINJAW correctly.... ("rozin jaw" is her leppified version...)

You're site gets funnier every time I look at it. Somebody had to stand up to Ms. Weaver and her ass munchers. When are you gonna put up a section on green horns?

 The roast is on!!! Hahaha      --Justin Taylor Ethridge

GREEN KING'S take no prisoners review of the Adel, OR sore, uh, we mean store:  Snob localism personified on a micro-scale. Picture Jean Harlow in "Dinner at Eight" in a plaid shirt with jeans and you get the drift. What do you get when you cross too close? Inbreeding - and a snob attitude that needs adjusting. When I was last in this dive, I had made the trip up from Nevada to deliver a dog and "The Store" parking lot was the designated meeting place. So once going inside said store, it was packed with cowboys - or what passes as such - fresh off a "cattle drive" herding a bunch of doggy Angus down the road and causing a massive traffic jam. Oh well, that can be fun, actually, flipping off or flirting with cowboys, dodging numerous cow pies, flashing your PETA membership card, and overall, the experience was written off as "local color." But once inside the store, I couldn't get the cashier's or waitress's attention - most likely because they couldn't see me past the crowd (which brings us to fire regulations and capacity limitations, which I doubt are followed or heeded there), and most importantly: I wasn't an Adel local buckaroo wearing lime green armitas or blue chinks with 20" long fringe dragging the ground and a flat hat with a fake plastic flower in it. Nah, instead I was some old, dusty, authentic brush hand from Nevada in a mere Stetson Open Road and an old waxed coat and lace up boots. Deemed too authentic and not colorful enough. I will second the reviewer who talked about the dust coated mounts and dirt on the antique saddles and cobwebs. It's time to break out the Swifters, for sure. The place has begun to believe it's own myth, and that's when they start to fail. Hopefully the new owners clean it up, ditch the snobbery, and realize as the working West shrinks and ranches go belly up and die, their pool of regular customers is doomed. If they don't come off of their high horse and open up to the passing tourist, rock climber, nature photographer, mountain biker, ma and pa retirees doing the RV thing, etc., they are going to go the way of the dinosaur. Quaint and cute only buys you so much forgiveness and slack. Come on guys, you can do better.

I was  just turned on to this site!  I just about wet myself from the hysteria...  I am a bit disappointed in the lack of info on the Idahoian clan.  That is a motley crew of cowboys and Indians....  Who needs a hunting license???  Who the heck is the dude or charro (viva la raza) on the dink horse with the dingleberries or is that his grandma's doily hanging on its head on the Californio page ??  Isn't that more south of the border tradition than the true Californio tradition? Where's he come from? 

Is the "Brio Cult" some Merlot drinking, Banna Bread Brannaman/Ray Hunt groupy, Peruvian Paso ridin, Wintec saddle ridin, disco dancin person from Palm Springs, that only dreams they could be in the "Cult of White King". I am just trying to get some more information on these types.....

Above: Your typical mirror hunting flathatter modeling the latest in BATMITAS...which are what you get when you cross batwing chaps with armitas....also referred to as CHINKWINGS south of Heppner and 40 miles or more east of Montello...

...yeah, i was actually reading on there this morning. they've updated it alot since the last time i was on there. you see on the cult of the white king page, there's two fellas drinkin, nad if you look close, there is a smirnoff bottle settin there!! pickled up on girly juice, huh!!  I get a kick out of the german buckaroos too! J********* Wheres Claude when you need him... team ropers show up and steal the purse at a buckaroo gathering and him and his quick drawing arse are nowhere in site!

OH MY GAWD!  Not only am I the bastard child of a 3 way incest mating. I am a cult member to boot.  Funniest thing I have read in many years.  Funny thing about the truth it often is very funny if you just open your eyes and see it.  From a white shirt, Johnny Carson collection wino coat sporting, flat hat loving, Boeing 747 wing span taps, horse hair watch fob, Les Iveson bit packing, Levis cuffed to knees, D.W. boot dragging, brass oxbow peddling, slick fork saddle ridding, broke desert rat, with a plot in the Carlin grave yard, waiting my turn for help at the Matys Brothers Buckaroo Recovery Hospice in Beautiful Downtown Gerlach, Nevada.

Above: your classic clinic groupies, back cinches, spotless clothes and gear, cookie cutter straw hats, fat stubby horses, safe inside an arena. Eee gads.....my eyes, my eyes!!!!

North Valley Hat Company HAHAHA!!! Love your posts. :) It's called a cattleman crown with a standard brim. take off the vest and let's have some Crown Black! :)

Raul Garza My granddad was an original Californio Vaquero from California I grew up in the old culture, the old way, I am a Mexican American and at 53 years old now it kind of makes me sick to see what has happened to my culture through the years because it sure wasn't the pay that got me involved in this lifestyle it was my family and my heritage that saved me from a California Gangster life,( Desert Rat Buckaroos) .

Derek Eldridge That guy *in the You Tube video* is a dipshit deluxe I may not be much better but he's an idiot and all about just being a "super punchy buckaroo" sorry I have to rant because there isn't many people on this planet I like less than this idiot.

Richard Blake More like Interview With a Loser...

Torrie Clark Bahaha this makes my day! Biggest dink I’ve ever met. Loves to stare at his shadow/reflection. The clothes don’t make the man either. He’s got a bad attitude and has to run around all the time cause he can’t keep a job. He is the epitome of a wannabe.

Is it eclectic or epileptic? Isn't BRIO the company that makes wooden trains for 2 to 4 year olds? What the hell do toy trains have to do with horses... or am I just not a true blue Vay-Quay-Row... I'll bet they all ride with true vaquero reins because bishop Richard Caldwell does in that video Jinglebob or whatever it was called.  Don't all wannabe types have to own at least 8 signed Ian Tyson Cd's... and 20 odd books by various true Vaqueros... Ray Hunt... Pat Pernelly... Buck Branaman... Louis L'Amour... Ernie Morris... Have you mentioned Jim Andrae yet?

Heard them talkin' about this site on Clear Out West Radio this AM. In fact they did a whole show about this site. It was neat that they found it. It is a little zany radio show that has several affilitates that it broadcasted out of Pinedale Wyo. Thought you might like to hear the webcast on their site sometime.... 

  • La Culebra2:46

Pedro Marquez...  where have all his women gone?  A new babe at ever corner.  He has been seen serenading big breasted women under trees at the Californios or has Pedro groupies followed  him throughout Elko crying to be his page turner in Stockmans at weeee hours of the morning? I am sure Todd Hansen has witnessed some of these citings in years past.   Perhaps the true blue buckaroo  will make an appearance at the Alvord Ranch with some new tunes and a new set of groupies....   Wow this site sure has a place for all to read...  I am sure all of his groupies now own a pendleton like Pedro - how it makes him look so strong and big...  I love the life of the buckaroo.....  it's such a romantic existance...

Is there any love here???? 

“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” ― Gustav Mahler

In an era where ranching has been infiltrated and tainted by politically correct race baiting whiners, primping floozy Roo groupies with nose rings, tongue studs and stretch pants with rhinestones, flat shoed leppies, cow stealing tweakers and trust fund babies still on the tit parading around ranch rodeos in $80,000 trucks and goosenecks, rampant disrespect for elders, no sense of the value of history or work ethic and a new breed who thinks they earned a trophy just because they show up in their costume – Green King takes heart that there are still some solid folks with backbones left who can take a good joke and dish it back, laugh at themselves, pay dues, work hard, keep things in perspective, not walk around with a cell phone stuck in their ass or face taking selfies, and be counted on to buy a round when their turn is up. You’re the kind of people the West was built on. Don’t ever forget that and don’t ever sell out into what you see coming on this page to bitch at us. Those people are a lost cause, and the diehards that some of you are – young and old both I must stress – are all that’s left to carry the torch. Here’s to you folks.

Dear Green King:

Don't hate me for saying this. But can't believe how soft you've gone on some of these losers. Give Jim Young another beer! He can't feel a thing anyway. While you're at it, don't forget Woody Harney and his blowhard ex wife Jaime, because ain't THEY spey-shull...? FUCK!

And the slut buckaroo groupie chicks following these guys around, looking to get laid and knocked up so they can marry a VahKayRo and do their lips like Sofia Marquez and Adrian. And collect Eureka, Elko and White Pine County welfare checks when the ranches can their dink husbands. Remember: anything is possible with pink horn wraps, booze, drugs and padded push up bras! Mona's won't even hire them - so they street crawl!

What you got to remember is this:
The more they drink, the bigger they feel...
The bigger they feel, the happier the "Rozin Jaws" are.

The happier the "Rozin Jaws" are, the mines make more money, another ranch goes broke and there is a better chance Jolyn Young has of getting hired by Reader's Digest or nabbing a spot on some reality show! "Trampolining On the ORO While wearing a Tampon - it CAN be Done!"

Kill 'em all, Green King!




Dear Wild Bill,
If you don't know there is no way to explain it to you.
However as one of the many vice pres. of recrutment Northern Navada dist.  I can tell you that membership requirments are almost as tuff as Freemasons. 
1) you must have spent at least 80% of your wages in the temple.
2) you must have been thrown out of the temple at least 25 times.
3) you must have been drunk in the old back bar before you were of legal age.
4) you must have seen the Matty Bro. show enough to know at least 95% of the show by heart.  There are many other requirments but one must be at least on the recrutment list to know them.  Contact your local rep. to see if you can be put on
the list.

White Cub.

Well Done - Or Extra Crispy?

You need another category for "crossbreeds". It would fit those of us raised with the buckaroo tradition but no longer in the area. Now we have let cowboys and punchers corrupt us. While we insist on a hatchet fork saddle we might have a taco hat and bat wings. Or it could be that they are recovering team ropers introduced to the buckaroo style by the "Banana Bread" junkies. They can be found just about anywhere but the most sightings have been in Eastern Colorado, the Sand hills of Nebraska, and the Flint Hills of Kansas. A few reports say that they have been spotted as far east as Missouri. Although they had there pants tucked down into their boots like a bunch of inbred Okies.



Well i seen you have a picture of mine on your page now. That one of the guy with the owayhee foretop well just so you know i dont mind you using my pictures at all. Just figured i would tell you that the guys name is *************he is a cowpuncher who spends more time in the bar drinking than he does ahorseback. Always "riding grannys colts for her" , i guess that wells family breeds a spacial kinda horse looks allot like a bar stool, but thats ok he still has  a hard time settin them too !

Above: Manskirt wearing gunsel with pet pony

"But it would be cool if someone would slip GREEN KING under Larry Schutte's saddle when he's judging those eggsuckers at The Californios...!"

Keith Moon Western version of a hipster. The clothes don't make the man.

Kristi Brown I've been on the SHIT end of Green King a few times from back in the Irreverent Buckaroo days. Ya stand up for yourself & roll with the punches. I'm a "true leppy" & even I can cope!

Brett Heggie The worst is all these dipshits wearing lime green chinks and a tie with some bridle bit that has something stupid on the cheek piece got em a pair of 6 inch stirrups with a size 8 foot in them lettuce picker boots. Riding a horrible snaffle bit horse but have that bridle shoved in his mouth. They go to town in a ball cap and a pair of sneakers looking like some skateboarder. I will not hire a Buckaroo in this day & age. I get a lot further with a cowboy kid that wants to learn a few things. This is the best post I've seen in awhile lol

You know its funny I grew up on the big outfits in Nevada. I rode for just about every wagon jerking son of bitch going. But I am to the point I am going to build myself a SF bowman roper get a pair tennie lamas and a ball cap. Just so nobody would ever think I am one of them. I dont mind a man being arogent (sp) but I have not time for knotheads. I have rode with cowboys from all over some damn good hands some not so good. But never in my life have i been around as many dinks wanting to play cowboy than i have in the past few years. Hell we use to start horses on the wagon at the IL. And I rode some real nice horses there. This whole californio BS is no different than the urban cowboy craze from the 70s. Just abunch of dinks who can't make on cow outfit so they went to town to off to a bunch townies who don't know any better. And I rope in town and even won a few down in Dublin Ca. when I was on a ranch out of Livermore. But any more its not who can rope better than the rest its what click to run with. Do you know so and so? Who built your saddle? Who braided your rope? And if you tell them I did. You don't get to win. Ya I have seen it from when it started when Mrs Weaver came to to Dublin looking for people to invite to Red Bluff. To what it has become today. Yep swell fork saddle for and a ball cap for me.

Michael Vigil I remember when we got dropped off at a ranch cuz we had no fancy pick up. To even own a horse was not common either. We didn't show up with a brand new dodge with a fancy trailer and 3 "spade" bit horses in it. Hell I remember when TJ and I left Squaw Valley one time and we had everything we owned in an D.l. Camino and a ford ranger.

Lance Brown Instead of a comb over to hide the bald spot on top, it's a comb forward to hide the forehead getting longer.

TJ Briggs If I could get my stick horse ride to water I might understand what all the pissing and moaning is about haha

Janet Longatti-Wallace I used to go visit my friends (Harrison and wife) and one year after I drive 12 hrs to get to their place at the Winecup, my friend, Harrison's wife then, tells me we are going to have to handle the cook shack, as the cook had gone off on a toot...yep, it was Bob! I have so many memories from those days, and love seeing little glimpses of those days in these posts.

Deeth Harney When I was at the 71 in 04 riggen Bob cooked there for about 2 weeks, until he got a check that is. He got a ride until Elko and was on a runner for 10 days..... I told him I bet I know where you were cooking the spring of 82 and who the buckaroo boss was..... He laughed and said bullshit.... gamble/winecup and Harrison was buckaroo boss. His damn mouth dropped. That ol goat sure could cook. Hated to see him canned after that runner.

Orrin Walter The thing I have a rant with is the fucking rat tailed haircuts and a foot-long Fore top hanging of their heads. Unless you're going to tie a bosalita on cut that fucking shit off. And then there's the fucking heavy duty mechanic boots you know them flat ones with the little pussy Rowel spurs.