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Willy Matthews

Ranch World Ads' write up in 2008

on "The Guide"

Collectors: a rare opportunity.

The After Barbed Wire poster is

20” Wide. 28” in length
$150.00. Includes shipping via
Ground in a poster tube.
Signed by Kurt Markus. We have 100
of them then it’s gone forever.

Contact Maria Markus for payment via PayPal.

Elko Poultry Gig

Another hang out for mine trash,

the bored rich, and buckaroo bums in Elko

The Adel, OR Store (NOTE: Per some YELP reviews, you should perhaps enter at your own risk.)

*** Green Kingrecommends dropping names like Ross Dollarhide or flashing clean, newly minted $100 bills in order to get decent service. Bring your own Swifter...tell them Oregon Type Snob Dana Rupp sent you.  That might get you a 3% locals discount and a semi-clean stall in the Ladies Room...

The Buckaroo Godfather

More required reading unless you want to remain a gunsel for the rest of your life

The Highly Insulted

John Wayne's Page

  • Leavin' Cheyenne3:52

Charlie Russell Museum

Oh come on, like...we have to tell

you what this is or what?

Maynard Dixon's Page



Hi Ho, Silver: Mark Dahl