Dear Green King: Thanks for the laughs. It's officially open hunting season on anyone wearing an Owyhee forelock!

Jolyn Young is with Jim Young and Crystal Kelly (Green King notes: "Rocking Government handles" , eh? Perhaps this should be your new job description...after being fired by Sam Marvel from the Spanish Ranch...for being an incompetent dink...)

November 10 at 11:31am ·

So Buckaroo Guide, ran by Brenda Negri of Winnemucca (she sells big dogs and shit talks buckaroos on FB), did a Google image search for a post on buckaroo forelocks to include random photos of people she says she doesn't know in a post about how stupid forelocks are and how the people who wear them don't know anything about being a real buckaroo. Because she had her picture in a Kurt Markus book a million years ago, apparently she is the resident FB expert on all things buckaroo. Brenda took this picture that I took of my husband playing with our tiny daughter at the Diamond A Ranch near Jarbidge, then cropped out everything except his hair.

When we post photos online, we run the risk of ignorant people taking them without our permission and using them however they wish. However, taking pictures without permission and putting written words to defame a person's character constitutes libel, which is, you know, a crime. Brenda also took a picture of a friend's young child to use in her post, which is twice as despicable. I'll post the link to the Buckaroo Guide post in the pictures. And please, PLEASE keep rocking those government handles! Dye 'em blue, grow 'em past your chin, but don't stop being proud to be a modern-day buckaroo because of one woman's worthless opinion.

This is some of the funniest stuff I have seen since Rick the ( HAWG ) Bates got a boxing lesson or was it a flying lesson from Donna Sthil at the Diamond Bar in Denio.  Keep up the good work.....

You breaking a new record on Facebook for a page getting unpublished or what? LOL! Don't weaken and keep bringing it! You've got the spoiled inbred pusses on the run!

(The Commercial) Remember....those big booths?  So convenient...for hangovers...because you could fall asleep in them and they kind of hid you...from the bouncers and the waitresses who were cool and if you tipped them, would even let you snooze.  Maybe a bunch of you sat in those booths recovering from the past night's festivities.  Maybe a buckaroo doodled pictures of fellow buckaroos on napkins and passed them out like ten cent cigars.  Maybe gear trades were made; job offers; marriage proposals; break ups; bullshit.  Anything could happen.  Hell, the Matys Brothers happened there, so anything was possible.  The Apollo Burger happened...now there was a burger...it was bigger...back then...than it is today...but then...in some ways...so was everything.  On the left in the photo, in the smoky light, if you headed that way then right...the infamous...back bar......dark, smoky and lined with hats and Bluchers and Paul Bonds, unlike today, where it's filled...with miners.

The Commercial back then...was Buckaroo Central.  People were hired and fired there; romances sparked and ended; fights, friendships, more fights, secrets whispered, gossip, more fights, and of course...alcohol consumption was the No. 1 priority.  Shorty kept your glass full and by the end of most evenings you were having intimate discussions with some of the portraits of the Gunfighters on the wall like they were long lost brothers.  And even the Matys Brothers...sounded better and better.....

"Absolutely the funniest thing I have read since my first trip through "The Last Buckaroo". I sure enough tip my sombrero to whoever is responsible for this first class piece of definitive journalism. (Still snickerin' here)"

Hi from someplace anonymous in Elko County Brenda, I see once again the Facebook police have jerked your page down. My advice? Not that you asked for it: keep it down and just let them have both barrels on this website. You're hitting them where it hurts the most: their imaginary reputations. We didn't have smart phones, neither did your generation. We spent weeks, months, out of contact with the world. All you have to do is look at this present generation of narcissist (sp?) selfie taking buckaroos and see the damage social media and the Internet has inflicted on our society. We hear enough chatter in town to know these clowns cussing you don't even know the several outfits you worked for over many years. And very few of these posers would last an hour under Tom Marvel back in the day like you did. I do know it's a fact, Sam Marvel canned Young's husbands' ass on the Spanish Ranch for incompetence more or less. No wonder they had to leave the country, you get fired by a Marvel around here and your rep is done as far as I am concerned. Tell the liberal commie Facebook police to go screw themselves and just carry on here instead. Those dinks are reading your website every week we see them in the Star reading it on their smart phones. Ha! Hypocrites! They can't stand it. Keep the truth coming! Take care.

Someone is reading my mail… I know the difference between “Coup de grase” when you shoot the poor bugger after the firing squad failed…with a pistol in the temple, and “Coup de Frieze”, when you rebrand the milk heifer that Belonged to Waddie’s adopted son at the 71 ranch.  CJ Hadley agrees with me that this anonymous writer needs to credit lots of publications to stay out of jail. None of them are mine. One of them is RANGE.  This is a beautiful, highly insider’s buckaroo website. My kindest compliments. It didn’t mention the arrows in the big plastic Polar Bear….. I know about one or two. It did not mention the fight between Willis Packer and Tom Marvel over the BLM fence. To the amazement of the BLM folk.  Or Sam Johnnie’s escape from the Carson City Prison, riding to Winnemucca, walking to Ruby Valley, eating muskrats out of traps. Evading a posse and laughing at them from ridge tops. I know who ate Johnnie Long’s two-year old steer.  Kind author, please accept my accolades, and take your responsibility.  We owe you thanks for the short ride down memory lane. You owe for the things you borrowed.

U got Joyless Joke Young rantin like a cull cow with a hot shot shoved up her ass on shippin day. The truth must hurt Keep it coming you crazy bitch I ain't laughed this hard in years...

I bet mary hyde is shitting bricks - youre back!

"I would just like to say that who ever done this sure hit the nail on the head. I just wish someone would do one of these for the southwest so it can be passed around to all these taco hatted wearing dinks who show up in all their punchyness who cant even shoe a f*****n horse ! We are tired of sending them back to the lone star state with their tails between their legs taco hats flapping in the wind right along with their playboy bunny leggins..."

You are a disgusting human!!!!!! I sat here at the dinner table and watch my dad (Nathan Kelly) read all your ignorant shit!!!!!! I bet if he did have Facebook he wouldn't waste words on you!!!!!!

I never talk like this but go fuck yourself or any of your dogs you have on your page.   --- Jessica Kelly

Green King notes: "I never talk like this!" she screams, as she proceeds to talk....just like that...um....sure we believe you...)

I happen to know someone who is helping out with thatwww.buckarooguide.com website, but I won't say.  Some of the Californios in this yahoo group thing I don’t think find a whole lot of humor in it. 

"I found a function for the long fringe on the california armitas! The other day my chicago screws fell out of my snaffle bit while i was riding and I used the fringe to fix it up, and then I was riding that gray horse in the hackamore and the strap (headstall thing) kept getting in his eyes and if only I had the 42" fringe on my gwynn weavers* (armitas) I'd have been able to run the line under his chin and hold it out of his eyes with out tieing four of my fringe pieces together. Too bad I guess...."   ~~~~~ M**********

Please pass on that my wife calls the real intense, CALIFORNIO down to the socks guys 're-enactors'.  Site is a hoot.

I don't know who came up with this, but they are spot on! Damn! I thought I was going to die from laughing. Worst part of it is, it's too true. Please pass on my regards to the author and let them know there are quite a few of us who would like to shake their hand!

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